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Business electricity can feel like an overwhelming task – but that’s where we come in!


It can be easy to put your gas bill renewal on the back burner.

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We know your business is your life. You live it. You breathe it. Well, we’re the same. And our passion is helping you get the best price for your Merchant services.


From competitive tariffs on water and waste water services to advice on reducing usage and water efficiency. We help your business save water and save money.

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Greener Power Scotland Limited began life as a solar installer, however with  the withdrawal of the governments Feed In Tariff (FIT) the solar energy sector came to a halt almost overnight, so we had to diversify or close. 

When we started selling Electricity & Gas supply contracts as a broker, we knew there were lots of small companies in the sector as well as the large online comparison sites as well as third-party call centres working on behalf of some suppliers, 

We’d listened to the horror stories from clients who said they “had been signed up by some anonymous person on the phone reading very quickly from a script which they very rarely understood” and next thing they knew they had been tied into a 5-year flex price contract without understanding the full cost implication. In most cases a competitive quote emailed would have helped customers make the right choice without the stress of the high pressured sales calls. 

We knew to have any level of success in the energy market we had to go against the current selling practice of selling a contract over a phone call without a proper Business to Business Sales Process in place to protect our clients and our suppliers. 

You wouldn’t buy a new piece of equipment for your business without getting a written quote so why should your utilities be any different.

Our promise to you is that we will give you a quotation in writing showing the cost and the term based on your current estimated usage, allowing you to make an informed decision by having all of the information you have in front of you. 

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